Pets During Quarantine Have It Figured Out!

What can we say about this moment in our history? It’s scary, uncomfortable, and confusing to say the least. Think about how much worse the news would be, however, if we weren’t home with our four-legged best friends. It’s still not easy, but we can be somewhat soothed by Fluffy’s meaningful gaze, or Fido’s tail-wagging devotion.

In fact, the small moments we share with animal kind give us far more than a brief respite from the headlines. Like other people all over the world, it’s time to consider all we’ve learned (so far) from our pets during quarantine. 


Back to School Blues: How to Manage Pet Separation Anxiety

A Jack Russel Terrier waits by the door with its tail-a-waggin!

It’s that time of year again. Shopping for school supplies, snacks, clothes, and shoes and figuring out new schedules occupy the minds and hours of families with school-aged kids – but how does the family pet feel about the change in routine? 

Pet separation anxiety is real, and it can rear its ugly head as your pet’s small (or tall) summer companions troop back through the school doors for the next 9 months. Fortunately, boredom, depression, and behavioral issues can be prevented, and the team at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital can help.