What can we say about this moment in our history? It’s scary, uncomfortable, and confusing to say the least. Think about how much worse the news would be, however, if we weren’t home with our four-legged best friends. It’s still not easy, but we can be somewhat soothed by Fluffy’s meaningful gaze, or Fido’s tail-wagging devotion.

In fact, the small moments we share with animal kind give us far more than a brief respite from the headlines. Like other people all over the world, it’s time to consider all we’ve learned (so far) from our pets during quarantine. 

It’s Time… To Relax

Most pets are pretty good at chilling out. Even the ones that suffer from separation anxiety have fewer reasons to worry in this present paradigm. The lesson for pet owners? It’s okay to relax. 

Hunker down on the couch together. Binge watch the TV series you’ve been putting off. Cook some slow food together and have a quiet picnic. Take meandering walks, with no destination or time limit in mind. In other words, pets during quarantine can shed a great deal of light on the idea that taking it easy can become a high priority.

Soak Up the Sun

Vitamin D is essential to our health, yet we spend so much time trying to escape direct rays. Check out your pets during quarantine. We bet they’re great at sniffing out special patches of sweet, honey-like sunshine streaming through the window. Spreading out in a warm spot is so good for the physical body, and can really add to your mental health, too. 

The Snooze Button

If you’re curled up with your pet in a patch of golden sunlight, embrace the opportunity to slip into a nice dream. Sleep is one of the best ways to combat stress, a fact not lost on your pet. Take your time, sleep on and off for a day or two (or more) if you can, and take some deep breaths knowing that your best friend is right beside you. 

Look Good, Feel Good

Dogs may not be as invested in their appearance as cats. But the truth is, all pets feel their best when they look their best. Don’t forget to take good care of how you look. We’re not saying anyone should cut their own bangs or anything, but please take extra care to pamper yourself like pets during quarantine. 

Draw a hot bath, get your curling iron out, and put on a face mask (your pet will still be able to recognize you!).

Getting Into the Groove

Perhaps the way we can successfully move through this time at home is to establish and stick to a strict routine. This means that you and your pet should eat and exercise at the same times each day. Even if you cannot take long hikes or go on strenuous bike rides.

Get out for some exercise together whenever possible. Consider picking up yoga, or doga for your pup, and celebrate the chance to slow down, breath deeply, and appreciate all that you do have.

Pets During Quarantine

This period in time is less than ideal but staying home with your pets during quarantine remains part of the solution. If you have any questions about the many ways to support your pet’s mental and physical wellbeing, please let us know. We’re always here for you at Shiloh Mobile Veterinary Hospital