How Training and Socialization Lead to Good Dog Behavior

Even people with little to no experience with dogs can recognize the qualities of a “good dog.” They rarely bark or jump up on people, stay off of the furniture, and remember when it’s time to go outside for their bathroom needs. Likewise, “good dogs” don’t run away, chase after wildlife, and do not attack people and other animals. 

We’d love to think that dogs are simply born this way, but the truth is, well-mannered dogs have been trained to behave in certain ways around very specific stimuli. Don’t worry—the keys to effective dog training and proper socialization are within reach. 


Building an Incredible Foundation with Pet Wellness Care

Responsible pet owners know that their furry, feathered, and scaled friends need to be seen by the veterinarian regularly – after all, those vaccinations are pretty important! 

Pet wellness examinations are about so much more than shots, however. Getting to know your pet through a detailed health history, physical examination, and diagnostic testing is an essential part of keeping your pet’s healthy for years to come.