How Mobile Vet Care Helps Reduce Pet Stress and Anxiety

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Shiloh Veterinary Care is proud to be able to bring high-quality, full-service veterinary care right to the doorsteps of our pet patients. Mobile vet care benefits include convenience for the pet owner, but it also can help to reduce pet stress at the vet. Learn why we think that mobile vet care is an important model for veterinary medicine.


Why Choose A Mobile Vet?

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Ever since the pandemic shuttered many office buildings and in-person businesses, organizations pivoted and embraced remote work. Without a tether to an exact location, remote workers enjoy greater flexibility, and a better work-life balance, than ever before. 

For mobile businesses like ours, the freedom to see and treat pets in their homes creates meaningful opportunities. Whether you are a pet owner unable to drive, have pets that dislike travel, or simply prefer the ease of electing services at home, we are always happy to come to you. 


An Owner’s Guide to Soft Tissue Surgery and Mass Removals

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Whenever a dog or cat develops a new lump or bump, your first (and correct) instinct is probably to contact us at Shiloh Mobile Vet. It can be hard, though, even for our trained eyes, to know exactly what a mass might be just by looking. Keep reading to learn everything you ever wanted to know about masses on dogs and cats. 


Reducing Stray Populations in San Diego County: The Role of Spaying and Neutering Your Pet

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With so many exponential benefits to pets and the wider community, spaying and neutering seems like a no-brainer. And yet, millions of pets produce offspring that lead to the staggering overpopulation numbers, crowded shelters, and high euthanasia rates. As pet lovers and responsible members of the community, we play a crucial part in animal welfare by choosing this routine medical procedure. Together we can reduce stray populations in San Diego County and beyond. 


How to Care for a Toothless Dog or Cat

A pet’s teeth are part of their unique appearance, but a toothless dog or cat is equally  distinctive. Many factors lead to partial or complete toothlessness. Whether tooth extractions resulted from advanced periodontal disease or another cause, a proactive approach to a toothless pet’s nutritional needs is critical to their health. Additionally, even in the absence of teeth, there are important ways to support overall oral hygiene.


Common Ailments in Monitor Lizards: Spotting Signs of Illness and When to Seek Veterinary Care

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Of the 80 or so monitor lizards found around the globe (including the Komodo dragon), only a few are common pets. Among these, Ackies dwarf monitors or Savannah monitors are very interesting lizards to care for, but their highly specific needs may go beyond the expectations or abilities of a beginner. For those up to the task, careful planning, extensive research, and patience are required. It is crucial to understand their health needs and recognize the common ailments in monitor lizards. 


Shedding Light on Common Eye Problems in Dogs and Cats

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Routine wellness exams provide incredible opportunities to catch all sorts of potential problems. When it comes to a pet’s eye health and vision, we can take stock of various problems and intervene before they progress. Often, common eye problems in dogs and cats can be effectively treated and corrected. Whether a pet needs diagnostics, medication, or surgery, our team can help soothe and support.


From Snout to Tail: Veterinary Care For Pet Pigs

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Whether they are furry, fluffy, feathered, spined, hoofed, or scaled, we love and respect all companion animals and strive to provide the best possible veterinary care. Among the pets we admire the most, pet pigs in California take the cake. These intelligent, affectionate, interesting mammals make great friends, bring happiness and wonder to neighborhoods, and add wonderful layers to a multi-pet household. The question is: are you ready to become a pig owner?


Exotic Pets: How to Take Care of a Rabbit

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Rabbit care extends beyond their food and housing needs. Knowing what your rabbit needs and how to provide it is the cornerstone of creating a happy, hoppy life. Use these tips from your friends at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital to give your rabbit the care he deserves: