If you are like us, adopting one pet is pretty exciting. It’s an amazing feeling to bring home a deserving fur friend who needs our love, attention, and good care for a wonderful life. So, naturally, it would seem like adopting two dogs would be even better, right? After all, they will keep each other company. The more, the merrier!

There are some great benefits to adopting two dogs at once, but there are also some challenges. The team at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital is here to explain these reasons and to help you prepare for bringing home two amazing adoptable pets (while keeping it real!).

When You Adopt Two Dogs at Once

There are a few scenarios that you might encounter when you choose to adopt two dogs together.

  1. Bonded pairs. These dogs already came to the shelter as siblings or best friends who have a history of being together. In many cases, these dogs are only adopted out as a couple to ensure their best life and the familiarity of their bond. Lots of times, these pets come to shelters after an owner has died or when the family can no longer care for them. In this situation, it can be the ideal one because they have already been together for some time and have “ironed out” issues between them, including establishing alpha behaviors.
  2. Shelter mates. These friends have already shared close quarters during their time at the rescue. Because of this, they are deemed to be amiable to other dogs and sometimes even enjoy the company. Dogs housed together in a shelter are usually those who are comfortable with other dogs or are puppies who require socialization.
  3. Single dogs with unknown backgrounds. These shelter dogs have been housed alone for various reasons, including to ensure health and safety. It’s best to speak with an adoption counselor to get a good gauge on the dogs’ backgrounds and whether they have been around other dogs. Observe your potential adoptees together a few times, so you know they are good with one another.

Important Things to Consider When Adopting Two Dogs

There are many advantages to adopting two fur friends together. They can enjoy each other, get more play and exercise, keep each other company when you are at work, and have more snuggles. Bonded dogs are often better socialized and able to deal with new experiences, since they are more confident and comfortable with their “pack”. 

The downfall to adopting two dogs is that you have double the fees for adoption, food, veterinary care, pet supplies, and so on. You have to allot more time for exercise, attention, and training. There is a misconception that having two dogs somehow lightens up the load on your own time because they entertain each other. Not so. Their interaction, while wonderful, doesn’t mean they don’t need the usual daily walks and exercise that a solo dog needs.

If you understand the commitment and dedication required for taking on two dogs, what a great and heartfelt service you offer to two sweet pups. This incredible bond not only extends to you and your human family but can also be shared between your new dogs. It can be a heavenly match that gives both pets a greater sense of confidence, security, and love.

We are here to answer any questions you have about adopting two dogs together. We look forward to seeing you and your new furry loved ones at their first wellness exam with us.