When it comes to above and beyond care for your pets, Shiloh Veterinary Hospital is happy to be your partner in achieving greatness. If you know anything about us, you know that this dedication for us extends way past just dogs and cats. We are proud to be your resource for the best care for your more non-traditional pets as well. 

From wellness care to surgery to dentistry, your pets deserve the best. One area many of our pet owners have questions about is microchipping birds and exotics. We are happy to provide this service and explain why we feel passionate about it.

Pet Microchip Basics

Microchipping may sound a little futuristic and maybe a tad Big Brother, but in reality it is nothing that scary at all. 

A microchip is a small, inert object about the size of a grain of rice that is implanted under the pet’s skin with the aid of an application needle. 

Pet microchips:

  • Are inert and will not cause any type of reaction
  • Imbed where they are placed and do not typically migrate
  • Do not wear out or require any type of power source
  • Do not emit any type of GPS or tracking signal
  • Can be a great failsafe to things like collars and other identifiers that can fall off
  • Are inexpensive
  • Carry a unique identification number
  • Must be registered with your current contact information in the company database to get your pet back to you

If your pet becomes separated from you, whether by accident or during something like a fire or natural disaster, they are much more likely to be reunited with you if they are microchipped. 

Microhipping Birds and Exotics

Most dog and cat owners routinely microchip their pets. Microchipping birds and exotics, though, tends to be overlooked. 

Microchipping birds and exotics is just as important as in other pets, though! Most times this can be safely accomplished without anesthesia, although for some pets as short anesthetic may be safer. Microchipping provides valuable peace of mind for pet owners.

Birds who fly are at particular risk of becoming lost, and leg bands don’t always stay put. Even those with clipped wings or other pets that spend time outdoors or near a door or window can accidentally escape. Sadly, there are certain pets that are at high risk for being stolen as well. 

We recommend microchipping most of our patients. After all, risk is low to non-existent and the benefits are immense. If you have questions or concerns about a microchip for your pet, furred, feathered, or otherwise, please contact us. We are happy to further discuss this wellness procedure with you.