mobile veterinarian

Ever since the pandemic shuttered many office buildings and in-person businesses, organizations pivoted and embraced remote work. Without a tether to an exact location, remote workers enjoy greater flexibility, and a better work-life balance, than ever before. 

For mobile businesses like ours, the freedom to see and treat pets in their homes creates meaningful opportunities. Whether you are a pet owner unable to drive, have pets that dislike travel, or simply prefer the ease of electing services at home, we are always happy to come to you. 

The Power of Choice

It is crucial to find the right veterinarian capable of addressing a pet’s needs throughout their entire life. With hundreds of veterinarians in Los Angeles, pet owners have the power of choice to connect with a vet who not only exceeds expectations, but falls within their budget. 

We are not tied down to a brick and mortar structure like other veterinary hospitals. As a full-service clinic on wheels, Shiloh Veterinary Hospital enjoys meeting pets where they are. But what’s really in it for pet owners?

Beyond Convenience

There are many circumstances that prevent an easy veterinary visit. Between carrier resistance, motion sickness, chronic illness, painful injury, or a heightened state of reactivity or fear of other animals and people, there are loads of reasons to opt out of a traditional veterinary appointment. 

As one of the mobile vets serving the Los Angeles area, we come to you at your convenience. Just like a regular veterinary clinic, we’re fully equipped to handle everything from a wellness exam to surgery, diagnostics to dentistry. And the best part? No waiting room, no stress. 

The Full Picture

The ability to see and treat a pet at home adds to our understanding of their whole life. Observing their environment and lifestyle can provide valuable insight into their health and wellness. In other words, a fuller picture of a pet helps us refine our methods of treatment. 

Without massive overhead costs, mobile vets in L.A. can spend more time with patients and their family. This fosters an open, two-way conversation geared toward promoting a pet’s optimal well-being.

We’ll Be There!

For many pets, veterinary exams are scheduled every 6-12 months. When a pet is on our schedule, we go the extra mile to ensure they feel safe, secure, and comfortable in our presence. 

Without fear and anxiety, we can conduct our exams as efficiently as possible. These positive associations only continue to build as pets age, when many common health problems develop. Catching conditions early on, such as during a routine exam, helps enormously toward effective, successful treatment. 

Preventive veterinary care is linked to a longer, fuller life, fewer emergency services, and a stronger bond between pets and their people. If you have questions about our mobile services, please call us at (818) 614-9929. Our staff looks forward to seeing your pet soon!