lady holding two piglets.

Whether they are furry, fluffy, feathered, spined, hoofed, or scaled, we love and respect all companion animals and strive to provide the best possible veterinary care. Among the pets we admire the most, pet pigs in California take the cake. These intelligent, affectionate, interesting mammals make great friends, bring happiness and wonder to neighborhoods, and add wonderful layers to a multi-pet household. The question is: are you ready to become a pig owner?

A Look at Pet Pigs

Like other members of a busy household, pet pigs benefit from consistent, ongoing veterinary support. For starters, pet pigs should be spayed or neutered to prevent unwanted litters. They can reproduce quickly, so it’s best to eliminate the odds of this happening (especially if you have two or more pet pigs). Spaying or neutering reduces the strong, pungent smell created by their natural scent glands. It can also reduce aggressive behaviors in males.

Ahead of the Game

Pet pigs should be examined regularly, and we make it easy by coming to you. Deworming is often scheduled every 6 months. Vaccinations are also a primary focus of preventive care, and we will work with you to determine what fits your pig’s lifestyle and overall health. 

Pneumonia and swine flu affects many pet pigs. Vaccinating against these respiratory diseases in pigs is crucial. Treating symptoms early on can influence prognosis and long-term health. 

Teeth & Hooves

Some pet pigs grow tusks that need trimming. This not only adds to their general health and safety, but reduces injury to others and damage to household objects. 

Hoof trims for pet pigs are vitally important to their well-being. Left alone, their hooves can hinder normal mobility. This is not only uncomfortable, but can lead to joint damage and intense pain. Luckily, we provide this service to all of our pig patients throughout Los Angeles and San Diego.

Diet and Exercise Prevent Weight Gain

Just because a pet pig is, well, a pig, doesn’t mean they should be allowed to eat whatever and whenever they want. Keeping them on a strict diet not only impacts ideal weight, but reduces any weight-related health challenges. 

Daily exercise is also crucial to controlling their weight, and has a positive impact on their mental health. Pet pigs are highly intelligent; without daily brain games, puzzles, or challenges, they can become withdrawn or depressed. 

We Can’t Wait to Meet Your Pig!

Keeping a pet pig is one of life’s greatest joys for an animal lover. Shiloh Veterinary Hospital is here to help you establish your pig’s health plan, and maintain their wellness for all the years ahead. Please call us at (818) 614-9929 with any questions or concerns about adopting and caring for a new pig.