Happy, Hairy, Hoppy Holidays: Creating a Magical Season for Your Pets

The holidays are a wondrous time of togetherness, food, festivities, and so much love. Good memories are made when we gather together and share the bounties of the year. Then we get to look ahead to a wonderful New Year. 

At Shiloh Veterinary Hospital we are all about making this time of year one of wonder and safety for our pet companions. That’s why we put together this list of helpful tips you can use this season, and throughout the year.


Celebrate Safely: How to Have a Pet-Safe July 4th

Independence Day is a beloved celebration for so many Americans. Sadly, the noise, crowds, and festivities can be scary – or even dangerous – for our pets. In fact, it’s rare to find a pet that doesn’t react to fireworks or noisy, crowded events by hiding, trembling, becoming destructive, or worse, fleeing the situation in an attempt to escape the source of their anxiety and fear.

Whether you are enjoying the holiday with fireworks, a party, or both, your friends at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital are here to help you create a pet-safe July 4th!

First Things First

The day after July 4th is the busiest of the year for animal shelters. With so many pets trying, and succeeding, to escape their homes during a fireworks display, it’s worth being prepared in advance.