Always Be Prepared: A Primer on Pet First Aid and CPR

To be a truly awesome pet owner, all you need is love, right? Without a doubt, warmth and tenderness are essential parts of the puzzle. But to be a responsible pet owner, an understanding of what to do in a pet emergency is crucial.

Acquiring items for a pet first aid kit is a great place to start, and knowing how to perform pet CPR takes it to the next-level in emergency preparation. 


Recognizing and Responding to a Pet Emergency

Most pet owners understand the value of preventive care and prioritize annual wellness visits, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. Unfortunately, taking these precautions don’t entirely eliminate the threat of accidental illness or injury.

Recognizing a pet emergency and getting your pet the help they need quickly is often the key to a successful outcome. Pets are hardwired to hide signs of pain, which can make it difficult to tell when they need medical attention.

The team at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital has put together a quick guide on the most common problems that require immediate attention.