Our team is among a very lucky subset of grownups. Instead of dreading going to work every day, we are excited about who we get to meet and socialize with.

And who wouldn’t be? We have the most adorable, affectionate patients out there! It’s no secret that we love animals, but we value the relationships we build with pet owners, too.

To that end, we hope that our monthly pet care blogs help you better care for your best friend. After all, a great deal of what a pet needs may not always be clear or obvious.

Over the past year, our pet care blogs covered a lot of ground. Whether we focused on a specific illness or how to enjoy seasonal activities together, we hope that the information was interesting, relevant, and timely. 

Shiloh Veterinary Hospital’s Top 5 Pet Care Blogs

Thank you for reading our pet care blogs this year. If you missed some of them, here’s a list of the most popular top 5 pet care blogs of the year. Enjoy! 

5. A Walk in the Park? Dog Park Etiquette and Safety Tips
In theory, dog parks seem like a nearly perfect place. Dogs can run off-leash while enjoying each other’s company and come home tired and happy – all while you’ve been relaxing and skipping the daily walk. Read more…

4. Hot and Dry Conditions: Summer Pet Safety Tips for the Los Angeles Area
High temperatures coupled with an extremely arid climate can make southern California a tad uncomfortable for all residents – including pets. With our summer pet safety tips, your best pal can relax in the shade, enjoy a tasty frozen treat, and stay far from trouble, all summer long. Keep reading…

3. On the Lookout for Outdoor Pet Toxins
When you look around your pet’s environment and consider potential toxins, the usual suspects probably come to mind: chocolate, Xylitol (a key ingredient in sugar-free foods and some peanut butter), antifreeze, medications, etc.. Continue…

2. Recognizing and Responding to a Pet Emergency
Recognizing a pet emergency and getting your pet the help they need quickly is often the key to a successful outcome. Pets are hardwired to hide signs of pain, which can make it difficult to tell when they need medical attention. Read on!

1. How Training and Socialization Lead to Good Dog Behavior
Even people with little to no experience with dogs can recognize the qualities of a “good dog.” They rarely bark or jump up on people, stay off of the furniture, and remember when it’s time to go outside for their bathroom needs. Likewise, “good dogs” don’t run away, chase after wildlife, and do not attack people and other animals. Read more…

Cheers to You!

We already experience daily reminders why we love what we do (lots of head butts, face licks, and barks for more scratches!), but we do truly appreciate when our readers click on our pet care blogs. 

We hope to see you and your pet in the new year. As always, please contact us if we can be of service. Shiloh Mobile Veterinary Hospital is always here for you.

Happy New Year!