Angelenos hoping for a pleasantly-mild summer, prepare for a little heartbreak – we are on course to break record record highs, again.

High temperatures coupled with an extremely arid climate can make southern California a tad uncomfortable for all residents – including pets. With our summer pet safety tips, your best pal can relax in the shade, enjoy a tasty frozen treat, and stay far from trouble, all summer long.

Dawn. Dusk. Repeat.

Until the pavement no longer feels too hot for your own bare feet, it’s best to hold off trotting down the block with your dog. The hours surrounding dawn and dusk are optimal for summer stroll, pet safety–wise. Otherwise, the direct hit from the sun can make sand, concrete, asphalt, gravel, and even dirt pathways quite dangerous for delicate paw pads.

If you must be out and about in the middle of the day, be prepared with the right gear:

  • Booties
  • Collapsible water dish
  • Fresh water
  • Shade
  • Frequent breaks

Special Considerations

All pets require extra care and attention when it comes to the heat, but seniors and overweight pets are at higher risk of overheating when exercising. Additionally, brachycephalic breeds, such as bulldogs and pugs, cannot easily regulate their internal temperatures through panting. It’s best that they are never exposed to high heat and excessive exertion.

Chillin’ at Home

Sometimes, pets are just safer at home. They can still pop outside if they want to (and can!), but they should have a few different chill zones to retreat to when the day becomes too hot. Fans, air conditioning, water, and proper cross-ventilation are great ways to counter the heat.

Heat Stroke Dangers

If you are running errands with your pet, we urge you to never leave them inside your parked vehicle. Even a car that has all the windows “down” and is sitting in the shade can be fatal.

If you ever notice that your pet is panting excessively, unsteady when walking, and pacing around, they may be suffering from heat stroke. Drooling and abnormal gum color can precede collapse. Shiloh Veterinary Hospital recommends seeking pet emergency care promptly.

Summer Pet Safety Can Be Fun!

Swimming is a top-rated activity for people and pets alike, but there are many things that can easily take the fun out of it. Swimming is tough and animals tire easily. Give them opportunities to rest and drink water in the shade.

If you have a pool, train your pet how to get in and out safely. Keep the area covered and surrounded by an alarm if at all possible. Supervise your pet closely whenever they are in or around water. Rinse well, dry their ears, and give them a delicious frozen pet treat to reward them.

Safe, Then Happy

If your friends at Shiloh Veterinary Hospital can assist you with any questions about summer pet safety, we’re always here for you.