Let’s Go! Pet Travel Tips that Enhance Fun and Safety

Pet travel: Dog in car with man

Packing is no small feat, but when traveling with a pet the to-do list (or, to-grab list) can seem endless. Pets require extra gear and creature comforts while away from home, but to have the best possible trip it’s what you do before you leave that takes priority.

For sure, pet travel isn’t for everyone but when it’s approached the right way, it can make any journey more memorable.

Where to Start

Before you get too far ahead in the planning process, it’s a good idea to schedule a pet wellness exam. If there are any issues related to their health or behavior you can rule them out beforehand. Plus, we can give you ideas that aim to help your individual pet cope with being away from home. 


Virtually Forgettable, There When You Need Them: The Beauty of Pet Microchips

Los Angeles cat in the grass with microchip

There are loads of little things that we acquire and then quickly forget about. We may not immediately need a box of 250 paperclips or rubber bands, but when we actually need them we’re pretty happy to have them on hand. 

Pet microchips are not unlike a collection of oddities that may (or may not) serve a purpose someday. Some chips are never scanned. But that’s good! That means that those pets were never separated from their people. Most importantly, when a pet gets lost or goes missing, it’s usually their microchip that leads to a joyful reunion at home. 


Building an Incredible Foundation with Pet Wellness Care

Responsible pet owners know that their furry, feathered, and scaled friends need to be seen by the veterinarian regularly – after all, those vaccinations are pretty important! 

Pet wellness examinations are about so much more than shots, however. Getting to know your pet through a detailed health history, physical examination, and diagnostic testing is an essential part of keeping your pet’s healthy for years to come.